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❓ What's in the box

Brush Head (Large), Tube, Cleaning Brush, Wrist Strap, Foldable Pouch, Cable and Adapter

This is the tongue cleaner part of the g100.

Large Size Brush Head

Wide Tongue Cleaner Made of Gentle Material

The tongue cleaner is made of gentle material to provide a wider surface area. It is designed to prevent tooth damage even when chewing on the brush during brushing.

The tube is placed.


Safe and Hygienic Silicone

Made with silicone that is safe for the human body, it can be easily separated for convenient cleaning.

The cleaning brush is placed.

Cleaning Brush

Ultra-fine Bristles

The ultra-fine bristles help clean effectively.

Wrist Strap

Non-slip and Stable Silicone Material

Made with safe and stable silicone material that provides a secure grip.

The foldable pouch folds up for portability.

Foldable Pouch

Easy Cleaning and Storage

The lid can be opened for easy cleaning, the pouch can be folded for convenient storage.

You can choose from adapters in the US, Europe, UK, Australia and Japan.

Charging Adapter

It is possible to choose an adapter, and it is necessary to verify the compatibility of the adapter with the electrical outlets of different countries.

The charging cable is plugged into the g100 body.

Adapter Cable

Featuring a bent connector designed to fit the product, allowing stable charging while standing.

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