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Key Features 

Water Suction

500ml per minute

LED Light

illuminating the oral cavity

Sonic Vibration

14,000 times per minute

Antibacterial brush

for sensitive teeth and gums

Water suction 500ml per minute

The water inside the mouth is drawn out through the suction holeslocated on the top of the brush head, through the tube, to the foldable bottle.

Antibacterial Brush For Sensitive Teeth

Soft and antibacterial bristles help caregivers to provide hygienic oral care. Caregivers can replace the brush heads to take care of multiple care-receivers.

Soft Sonic Vibration

Soft Sonic Vibration that spreads through your mouth. Sonic vibrations of 14,000 times per minutes protects your sensitive gums, which also provides effective cleansing.

LED Light

LED light completes the convenient brushing. It attached to the toothbrush head brightens up the inside of your mouth while brushing.

1Place an adequate amount of liquid toothpaste on the brush head. Liquid toothpaste must be used to optimize the suction performance of the product and to use the product stably

2Operate the sonic vibration function by pressing the button once and brush each and every part in the mouth neatly.

3During brushing, gently pour clean water into the mouth of the patient. Using a water bottle with spraying function is convenient.

※In case of dysdipsia and dysphagia, the guardian’s attention is required so that the water does not flow into the airway.

4Press the button once more to operate the suction function so that the water inside is sucked and discharged.

The suction hole is located at the top end of the brush head so operate the product with the brush head facing up.

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