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How to use

🔸 G100 Body – PET Bottle connection
Securely fit the Bottle Cap onto the PET bottle.
Connect the other end of the Tube,
which is attached to the G100 Body,
by inserting it into the hole labeled [+] located
at the center of the Bottle Cap.

⚠️ Caution

• Ensure the PET bottle remains upright.
Tilting may result in water leakage.
• Tighten the closure securely before use to prevent water leakage.
• Use only on bottles with compatible lid sizes to avoid potential leakage issues.

💧The Bottle Cap can be washed and reused. The Bottle Cap is dishwasher safe.
(Heat-resistant, cold-resistant temperature: 248℉ ~ -68℉)


▪️ Model Name : G100 Bottle Caps
▪️ Components : 3 Pack
▪️ Materials : Silicone
▪️ Country of Manufacture : South Korea

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