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We have collected questions frequently asked by our customers. Other questions may be answered through further 1:1 inquiry.

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💡 Details about G100

The Electric Suction Toothbrush G100 was designed for a safe user environment and convenience. 

The toothpaste can be safely used by following the instructions specified in the product guide.

1. Operate the sonic vibration function by pressing the Power Button once. Then thoroughly brush every corner of the mouth.

2. When rinsing, please pour clean water into the recipient's mouth. It is convenient to use a water bottle that allows for water spraying.
* In the cases of dysphagia, the guardian’s attention is required so that the water does not flow into the airway.

3. Press the Power Button once more to activate the suction function, then use it to remove and expel the mouthwash from inside the mouth.
*Precautions : The suction holes are at the top of the Brush head, so flip it with bristles facing up when using.

The Electric Suction Toothbrush G100 is a new-concept tooth cleansing device with sonic vibration and suction functions. 

Slightly loud noise is a natural phenomenon that occurs when sucking the water from the mouth. 

There is nothing to worry about.

Dip the Brush Head into fresh water, and operate the Bluereo G100 to clean the internal tubes. 

Also, clean both inside and the corners of the head using the Cleansing Brush. 

After cleansing, throw away the water and dry the Brush Head.

Not only infants and children who can’t spit out the water on their own, but also medical patients, the elderly, the disabled, and the general public can use the toothbrush anywhere, regardless of the location.

 The Electric Suction Toothbrush G100 cleans deeply inside the teeth and gums with its sonar vibration rate of 14,000 times per minute. 

Using the suction function, you can brush your teeth conveniently without spitting out the water to help keep your mouth clean and healthy.

LED INDICATION displays the brush's charging status and mode changes.

- Blue LED flickers when switching to 'Single Mode'
- Green LED flickers when switching to 'Dual Mode' & 'Charging Complete'
- Red LED lights up to indicate 'Charging'
- White LED flickers to indicate 'Low Battery'

There is a white lamp blinking function which informs you when the battery is lower than 20%. 

The red light will flash on the bottom of the G100 Body when connected to the charging jack. 

The red light will turn off when charged fully, switching into a green light. 

You may disconnect the charging jack from the toothbrush handle.

The shipping fee is free for the purchase, yet you have to pay the fee when sending the product for A/S. 

The products after the A/S will be delivered to you for free.

However, you have to pay for the return shipping fee due to a simple change of mind or subjective dissatisfaction with the product.

About 2-3 minutes per cleaning session is preferable.

It takes at least 3 hours to charge fully.

If charged fully, you can use the toothbrush for about 2~3 weeks when used twice a day for 2 minutes. 

Feel free to use our Electric Suction Toothbrush G100 for business trips, vacations, hiking, etc.

 You can use it when you’re old enough to brush your teeth, but we advise children to use it under parental supervision.

When used for the first time, there may be slight bleeding due to the Electric Suction Toothbrush G100. 

These symptoms will stop after several days. 

If they don’t stop after a week, please consult with a dental specialist and a dental hygienist.

A protection film is applied to the bottom of the G100 Body to prevent scratches and dirt that may occur during manufacturing and transportation.

We recommend removing the protection film before use.

🚚 Delivery Concerns

Product returns due to a simple change of mind are available within 7 days of purchase. 

However, returns will not be accepted after use.

If it requires critical repairs due to the product’s inherent defects or flaws, the product can be exchanged or returned within one month of purchase.

Please contact the dealer or our Korea headquarters (+82-70-7770-5525), US Office (440-567-9675) before the exchange/return.

Returns will not be accepted if the certification label or serial number on the bottom of the product have been damaged.

If you disassemble or deliberately damage the product, returns will not be accepted.

Link to your returns policy.

The shipping fee is open for the purchase. 

However, you must pay a return shipping fee due to a simple change of mind or subjective dissatisfaction with the product.

Link to your shipping policy.

🛠️Warranty & A/S

Bluereo provides free and paid-in services by the Fair-Trade Commission and the consumer damage compensation standards.

The product has a quality warranty for one year from the date of purchase.

We provide free repairs for any performance or functional failures within the quality warranty period.

In the event of product failure, the free A/S period is 1 year.

A/S is done through our headquarters.

In the event of a product failure, package the product and put the information including your name, phone number, and specifics of the problem on a memo and send it to our Korea headquarters (+82-70-7770-5525) or US Office (440-567-9675).

The headquarters working hours are from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Seoul time)on weekdays (Monday to Friday.)

You must pay the fee when sending the product for A/S.

The products after the A/S will be delivered to you for free.

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