What is Suction Toothbrush?

Portable aspirator used to remove mucus, blood, bodily fluids from patient.

 A Suction Toothbrush is not just a toothbrush; it has the main role of maintaining and improving oral hygiene, but also have function that can remove water and saliva during brushing teeth. It provides significant assistance to both bedridden patients and elderly individuals who are unable to brush their teeth on their own, as well as to the caregivers who help with their oral care and brushing. Then, how can suction toothbrushes help them?


What is the benefits of Suction Toothbrush?

Using Suction Toothbrush can give 2 big benefits.

 Firstly, The use of a suction toothbrush provides convenience for both caregivers and recipients.

 Inconvenient toothbrushing is a huge physical and mental discomfort to both restricted individuals and caregivers. Caregivers spend over 30 minutes brushing their teeth, raising them up and making them spit water. It requires a lot of time and effort. This time is also a challenge for patients who have difficulty moving their bodies. By using a suction toothbrush, the average time required and the number of actions can be reduced.

 Secondly, The use of a suction toothbrush can reduce the risk of developing aspiration pneumonia.

 Poor oral hygiene and swallowing the rinsing water during brushing teeth are the main causes of aspiration pneumonia, which can lead to pulmonary infections. Using a suction toothbrush allows for immediate suction of water, thereby reducing such risks.


Who is the Suction Toothbrush recommended for?

Patients in bed and nurses are preparing to suck up the airways and lungs in the old aged patients

A Suction Toothbrush is recommended for individuals who are unable to brush their teeth independently and for caregivers assisting them.

The following groups may have needs for suction toothbrushes:

  1. People with limited hand mobility: 
    For individuals with arthritis, Parkinson's disease, or other conditions that affect hand movement. A suction toothbrush can make it easier to keep their mouths clean.

  2. People with visual impairments: 
    For individuals who have difficulties seeing or holding a toothbrush. A suction toothbrush can provide assistance in maintaining oral hygiene for individuals with visual impairments.

  3. People with cognitive impairments:
    For individuals with cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer's disease or dementia. The use of a toothbrush with suction by caregivers can make cleaning teeth easier and guarantee oral hygiene.

  4. People with spinal cord injuries:
    For individuals who have limited mobility or use wheelchairs, the suction feature could be helpful in stabilizing the toothbrush and simplifying brushing.

  5. People with dysphagia
    For individuals with stroke, Alzheimer's disease, or Parkinson's disease that have difficulty or discomfort swallowing food and liquid, known as dysphagia. A suction toothbrush can help alleviate the risk of swallowing toothpaste or food when brushing their teeth.

  6. Elderly individuals:
    For older adults who may have difficulty holding a toothbrush or have limited hand mobility, a suction toothbrush is an effective tool for maintaining good oral hygiene.

 In addition to the lists mentioned above, it is all suitable for individuals who are unable to brush their teeth alone.


What types of suction toothbrushes are available? : Suction Toothbrush vs Electric Suction Toothbrush

 There are two main types of suction toothbrushes.

 In care facilities and specialized hospitals, a type of suction toothbrush that connects a suction device with a disposable brush head is commonly used.

 A hand holding a soft sponge toothbrush.

 This toothbrush actually often features a sponge-shaped head rather than a typical bristle design, which is why it is also commonly referred to as a mouth swab. Managing patients' teeth effectively and keeping them clean can be challenging with this type of brush. Additionally, while the suction brush head itself may be affordable, it can be difficult to purchase the corresponding suction device for home use. Not only the high price, but also the additional cost for maintaining a separate suction machine and complex operating procedures, are factors that make it difficult to purchase a suction machine for home use.

Then, Is it impossible to use a suction toothbrush at home? NO!

With the bluereo G100, you don't have to worry about these concerns!


Electric Suction Toothbrush with Built-In Water Suction

 bluereo electric suction toothbrussh G100 on the bathroom tile.

 The bluereo G100 is a product that can address all the issues mentioned above. Unlike typical suction toothbrushes, it does not require a separate suction machine. It has built-in suction functionality within the toothbrush itself, allowing users to utilize the suction feature while brushing recipient's teeth.

 The toothbrush head is not in a sponge-shaped design but rather in a regular toothbrush shape, and it even features sonic vibration functionality. Therefore, caregivers can provide oral hygiene care with less effort compared to using a regular toothbrush, and it enables more effective cleaning power. Moreover, the operating procedures are very simple, making it easy for anyone to use. Bluereo electric suction toothbrush G100 has not only those features but also four others.

  1. Water Suction 16.9 fl oz per minute: 
    Through the suction holes on the brush head's top, the water in the mouth is pulled out and transported through the tube to the foldable bottle.

  2. Soft Sonic Vibration: Feel a gentle sonic vibration throughout your mouth. Sensitive gums are protected by 14,000 sonic vibrations per minute, which also effectively cleanse.

  3. LED Light: The convenience of brushing with LED light. It lights the inside of your mouth while you brush, as it is attached to the toothbrush head.
  4. Antibacterial Brush For Sensitive Teeth:
    Soft and antibacterial bristles help caregivers provide hygienic oral care. Caregivers can replace the brush heads to take care of multiple recipients. 

Check out more details on the product webpage!



  A suction toothbrush is a vital tool for maintaining and improving oral hygiene, especially for restricted individuals. It offers convenience to both caregivers and recipients, through a function that can remove water and saliva during brushing.

 A suction toothbrush reduces the time, effort required for brushing and the risk of developing aspiration pneumonia. Suction toothbrushes are recommended for individuals who are unable to brush their teeth independently, such as those with limited hand mobility, visual impairments, cognitive impairments, spinal cord injuries, dysphagia, and the elderly.

 There are two types of suction toothbrushes: one with a disposable brush head connected to a suction device, and the other is the bluereo G100 electric suction toothbrush. The G100 eliminates the need for a separate suction machine as it has built-in water suction functionality. It features a regular toothbrush head with sonic vibration for effective cleaning and simple operating procedures. The G100 also offers LED light and an antibacterial brush for sensitive teeth.