[fn마켓워치]한국사회투자-한전, 사회적경제조직에 투자

[Financial News]

 Korea Social Investment and Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO) will start investing in and nurturing social economic organizations that help the disabled and the elderly.

 Korea Social Investment announced on the 23rd that it recently held a kick-off workshop for the ‘KEPCO Able Tech Social Economy Organization Innovation Solution Growth Support Project’ with Korea Electric Power Corporation and started the business in earnest.

 This project is an accelerating program that supports the business growth of social economy organizations that improve the physical discomfort of the disabled, the elderly, etc., increase living convenience, or innovate the medical rehabilitation field with innovative technology.

 Last month, a total of 10 teams were finally selected, including Huca System, Pixelo, Kangsters, Hanmac Medical, I&I Solution, Caring Dream, SM Planet, bluereo, Lazen, and Haru Haru Movement Lab.

 For participating teams, 10 million won in subsidies for business expansion, 1:1 management diagnosis, mentoring in specialized fields, IR pitching coaching and IR consulting (individual deck consulting, deck writing workshop), media coverage and social media promotion support, office hours for each team, social value management , investment attraction linkage, etc. are provided. A total of 50 million won of direct investment will be made to one team.

 Lee Jong-ik, CEO of Korea Social Investment, said, "As ESG management has recently emerged, not only quantitative welfare but also qualitative welfare are attracting great attention."