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 Bluereo (CEO Lee Seung-min), a venture company specializing in oral care, announced on the 25th that it had obtained a T3 rating from Nice D&B's Technology Credit Evaluation (TCB).


 Technology Credit Evaluation (TCB) is a comprehensive analysis and evaluation of △technology △rights △marketability △business potential and classifying them into grades or scores.

It is divided into a total of 10 grades, from T1 to T10, the highest grade.

Bluereo developed an electric suction toothbrush 'G100' equipped with a sonic electric toothbrush with a toothbrush suction function.

G100 is a product that helps hygienic oral care for the severely disabled and the elderly who are unable to spit out mouth water due to dysphagia (swallowing disorder).

The intake of brushing water of the G100 is 500ml (±25%) per minute, and the sonic vibration is 14,000rpm.

 Lee Seung-min, CEO of Bluereo, said, "I am grateful for Bluereo's excellent evaluation in various aspects such as technology and stability in this evaluation." told

 On the other hand, Bluereo is the 2nd nurturing company of IBK Industrial Bank of Korea's start-up development program 'IBK Changgong Guro', and was fostered by Accelerator CNT Tech (CEO Jeon Hwa-seong, CNT Tech), a TIPS operator.