[Raon Newspaper Reporter Jang Seul-gi]

 Bluereo CEO Lee Seung-min was selected for 'IMPACT DIVE 2022, Open Innovation Demo Day' to introduce ESG-related impact startups and prepare a place for communication between startups and private players.

 Bluereo, a manufacturer specializing in oral care products, announced on the 8th that it was selected for ‘Impact Dive 2022’, which introduces various start-ups that implement business models related to ‘S = Society’ among ESG.

 Bluereo established a corporation with the help of winning domestic and international start-up competitions, discovering buyers, and investing in venture capital. It is known that he participated to seize the opportunity.

 The electric suction toothbrush G100, developed and released by Bluereo, is an auxiliary product that helps brush teeth easily and hygienically at homes and nursing institutions with socially underprivileged people such as the severely disabled, the elderly, and the elderly with dementia who have difficulty moving or are unable to control themselves.

 Just as a dental hygienist often sucks water from the mouth when receiving treatment at the dentist, the suction (suction) technology installed in the body of the electric toothbrush helps prevent the water from swallowing or passing into the airway when brushing teeth instead.

It improves convenience by sucking in water without foreign body sensation or discomfort, and by adding the sonic vibration function of an electric toothbrush, you can clean the inside of your mouth more cleanly.


 Accordingly, the product is supplied to more than 20 countries around the world, and is evaluated as taking the lead in systematic and professional oral health management for the socially underprivileged by proposing a new brushing environment to those who have difficulty brushing alone and their guardians.

In particular, as for the electric toothbrush equipped with a suction function, the Bluereo electric suction toothbrush G100 is the only one on the market, and as it has completed product registration in the national medical aid device policy in the United States and some Nordic countries, it is expected that its value will increase further in the future. That's the company's explanation.

 Lee Seung-min, CEO of Bluereo, said, “I got the idea while helping to brush my teeth while volunteering at a welfare facility for the disabled. Those who are unable to control themselves continue to drink water while brushing their teeth, and social workers or volunteers support them and regurgitate the water with their hands.

Seeing that this situation causes mental and physical pain to both the socially underprivileged and their guardians, we developed a product to solve the problem.”

“Usually in a nursing environment, we use a product using a suction device and tube that can be seen in dentistry, but it is true that there are barriers to entry due to the speciality of a second-class medical device product and maintenance,” he said. At the same time, it is possible to inhale gargle water, so it can be used more conveniently.”

Representative Lee said, "I received mentoring from various judges through participation in this project, and it helped me a lot because I was able to understand even the smallest details." Plan. We will establish a process so that people around the world can easily access and purchase our products.”

In addition, “On October 25th, Bluereo obtained the T3 rating given to companies with excellent technology enough to meet the conditions for listing on the KOSDAQ technology special case from Nice D&B's Tech Credit Bureau (TCB).

We will grow into a K-healthcare company that leads the global market in an oral care device environment for the weak, which has practically never existed, and grow into a company that shifts the paradigm of oral health and uncomfortable brushing environments for the world's vulnerable.”

 Meanwhile, 'IMPACT DIVE 2022, Open Innovation Demo Day' hosted by the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) confirms the results of cooperation between startups realizing ESG values and large and medium-sized companies through presentations by ESG-related startups.

At the same time, it serves as a stepping stone for attracting substantial investment from startups.