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How to use Bluereo G100

1. Place an adequate amount of liquid toothpaste on the bristles of the Brush Head.

Using liquid toothpaste is essential to optimize the product's suction performance and ensure stable usage.


2. Operate the sonic vibration function by pressing the Power Button once. Then thoroughly brush every corner of the mouth.


3. When rinsing, please pour clean water into the recipient's mouth. It is convenient to use a water bottle that allows for water spraying.

※ In the cases of dysphagia, the guardian’s attention is required so that the water does not flow into the airway.


4. Press the Power Button once more to activate the suction function, then use it to remove and expel the mouthwash from inside the mouth.


** Precautions **

- The suction holes are located at the top end of the Brush Head, so please flip it over to make the bristles face upwards when operating.


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