Bluereo's Efforts to Create a Convenient Oral Care Environment For People With Disabilities

 Bluereo's electric suction toothbrush G100 is an assistive device designed to help individuals with conditions such as dysphagia, Parkinson's disease, and dementia, to easily and hygienically provide oral care at home or in care facilities. Similar to how a dental hygienist suctions water during dental treatments, the G100 contains a built-in suction function, enabling individuals to be provided oral care without the risk of swallowing gargling water.

 By efficiently removing water and preventing discomfort, the G100 enhances user convenience and adds sonic vibration capabilities for even more thorough cleaning inside the oral cavity. Bluereo has been providing support to various centers in South Korea, including Seoul Rehabilitation Center for the Cerebral Palsied, Incheon Assistive Technology Center, and Busan Assistive Technology Center, by donating G100 and replacement of brush heads.


The Fruit Of Bluereo's Effort

Busan Assistive Technology Center and bluereo collaboration MOU

 In August 2022, Bluereo conducted the 'Happy Smile Electric Toothbrush Support Project' in collaboration with the Busan Assistive Technology Center, targeting patients with Brain Lesions. Through this project, Bluereo provided ten units of the electric suction toothbrush G100 and ten units of the ultrasonic electric toothbrush S150 for caregivers.

 As a result of this project, we received a heartwarming letter from one of the caregivers who had received the G100. We would like to share the contents of the letter with you:

"Dear Bluereo,

Hello. I sincerely thank you for providing the electric suction toothbrush. My son has been diagnosed with brain injury and cerebral infarction due to a sudden accident. During those difficult times, we came across an announcement that an electric suction toothbrush is provided at the assistive technology center, so we applied for it. We were worried about whether we would be selected, but luckily, we were chosen, and we were glad to be able to try out the product.
I brushed my son's teeth regularly, but there were always limitations in reaching the tiny areas, resulting in not-so-good oral health. Currently, with the electric suction toothbrush G100 that we received, we found it to be more effective than we expected. We are truly delighted with the product. Thank you for giving this support, and we wish you a hopeful and successful 2023.

Warmest regards,
Father of a child"

We are grateful that Bluereo can be helpful to many users who have faced the challenges.


Below is a translation of the letter from the director of the Rehabilitation Center of Busan Metropolitan City:

Director of Rehabilitation Center of Busan Metropolitan City Letter

"2022 was a meaningful year as we got to know Bluereo. Learning that the product was developed through CEO Seung-min Lee's volunteer activities, I realized that the electric suction toothbrush G100 is truly imbued with a lot of passion and dedication. This year, as we distributed the G100 provided by bluereo at our Rehabilitation Center, we could witness many people recognizing the necessity of it. The satisfaction level of the caregivers who received the support was also exceptionally high. We hope to continue this valuable connection next year as well. Wishing you a Happy New Year, prosperity, and success.

SeungHee Lee, Director of the Rehabilitation Center of Busan Metropolitan City"

Bluereo's efforts for improving the oral care environment will continue. For more detail about G100, check our product page!

Keep following Bluereo's journey!