Bluereo today launches a Kickstarter campaign for their latest easy-to-use, accessible toothbrush—the G150. An exciting upgrade from the company's previous invention, the G100 electric suction toothbrush, the G150 is the latest solution for vulnerable brushers, from young children to the elderly, to those with physical disabilities or post-surgical patients, who find traditional toothbrushes difficult to use. The world's first electric toothbrush enabled with gentle vibration and a water suctioning function, the G150 revolutionizes accessible oral care, leading to healthier lives for all.


"After years of innovation, we are proud to launch the G150 on Kickstarter as there is nothing else like it on the market," said Seungmin Lee, CEO of Bluereo. "The idea of developing an electric toothbrush with suction feature started when I volunteered at a facility for people with disabilities. It was not an easy job for a caretaker to brush their teeth due to their inability to spit out the liquid inside the mouth. The G150 from Bluereo answers the need to help all individuals, no matter their accessibility level, maintain their ever-important oral hygiene and dental care."


The G150 toothbrush is an upgraded design from Bluereo's previous G100 toothbrush, the first electric toothbrush with innovative suction technology, and their original G100 toothbrush which featured solely soft vibration, marking years of Bluereo's thoughtful innovation. Varying from manual brushes that require repetitive, physically strenuous motions, as well as mainstream electric toothbrushes which can be rough on the gums, Bluereo's toothbrushes revolutionize the accessible oral care industry and provides a new toothbrush option for large segments of individuals in need.


The new G150 toothbrush was designed after incorporating feedback from global customers and institutions in regards to the G100 version, ensuring that the toothbrush was even easier to use by individuals and their caregivers. Featuring a smooth, small brush head with an easy one-hand, slip-resistant design, the G150 operates with three gentle easy-to-control stages of vibration and three small suction holes to remove excess water and waste through an attached container. Perfect for young children who may swallow water and toothpaste, or for the elderly with disabilities or serious dementia, wounded veterans and post-surgical patients, the G150 is user-friendly and accessible for all to use. Additional features of the G150 include enhanced LED lighting to light the inside of the mouth, convenient easy charging, and a filter easy to remove and clean.


Launching today on Kickstarter, backers who pledge early can save up to 50% on their G150 toothbrush (retailing for $349 USD).


For more information or to purchase a Bluereo G150 toothbrush today, visit their Kickstarter campaign.