the invention of electric suction toothbrush

  Bluereo is a Caregiver-friendly company that created the world's first Electric Suction Toothbrush G100, making life easier for people with special needs in their oral care. Since first introducing this innovative toothbrush in 2014, Bluereo has continuously worked to make it more convenient for user’s requirements. The following is the journey of Bluereo with the development of the Electric Suction Toothbrush G100.


The Inception of the Electric Suction Toothbrush 

 The story of Bluereo began when our CEO, Seung-min Lee, was a college student volunteering at a disability welfare center. He noticed the challenges that disabled people with limited mobility often struggle to control their bodies, leading to issues like spitting out or swallowing toothpaste. "What if we could create a toothbrush that can suction out toothpaste and water while keeping the mouth open?" He believed that if people with disabilities could carry a portable suction toothbrush similar to what dentists use, it would eliminate the challenges. So he immediately devoted himself to developing it. After a year of hard work, including prototype development, patent application, and market analysis, Bluereo introduced its first product in 2014, known as the 'STORS' suction toothbrush.


The Meaning Behind Bluereo's Company Name

 Bluereo's company name combines 'blue ocean' and 'red ocean,' symbolizing their commitment to embracing the advantages of both limitless possibilities and broad markets. Also, Bluereo's logo was created to convey the desire to provide a premium experience to users of its products.


The Development Journey of Bluereo's Signature Product: Electric Suction Toothbrush G100

 Bluereo's signature product, the Electric Suction Toothbrush G100, has been developed through significant transformations to become the product that caregivers and care recipients truly desire. It has gone through four major journeys, evolving from ‘STORS’ to ‘S-brush’, then to ‘Sonic-Vac’, and finally to the ‘Electric Suction Toothbrush G100’.



 'STORS’ is the first suction toothbrush created for a year of his college years. It even received recognition, winning the Minister of Health and Welfare Award at a startup competition.


2. S-brush


 ‘S-brush’, along with STORS, is an early product that forms the basis of the Electric Suction Toothbrush G100.


3. Sonic-Vac


 'Sonic-Vac' is a suction toothbrush with sonic vibration added to the S-brush in response to proposals from buyers. However, it faced marketing challenges due to the key feature, 'suction function' not being emphasized in its name. As a result, it was not officially launched.


4. Electric Suction Toothbrush G100

electric suction toothbrush

 After multiple upgrades, Bluereo finally introduced the 'Electric Suction Toothbrush G100' as its signature product. The G100 features both suction and sonic vibration, ensuring effective and comfortable oral care.

  • The world's first toothbrush with Water Suction 16.9 Fl Oz Per Minute: Three holes at the top of the brush head can suction toothpaste and water into the recipient’s  mouth, allowing a caregiver to comfortably brush their teeth.
  • Soft Sonic Vibration: Sonic vibrations of 14,000 times per minute protect the recipient's sensitive gums, which also provides effective cleansing.
  • LED Light: LED light at the brush head brightens up the inside of the mouth while brushing. This provides a clean and comfortable brushing experience, similar to receiving treatment at a dental clinic.
  • Single & Dual Modes: The Single Mode rapidly alternates between sonic vibration and suction according to the recipient's needs. The Dual Mode simultaneously operates sonic vibration and suction, preventing swallowing toothpaste and water during brushing.

Check out more details on the product webpage!


 The well-being of the disabled's teeth and gums impacts their confidence with a bright smile and affects their ability to eat, speak, and even their systemic health. Neglecting proper oral care can lead to various dental issues such as dysphagia and potentially contribute to more serious health problems down the line

We will continue to evolve and strive to help more people conveniently brush their teeth through the Electric Suction Toothbrush G100.