Bluereo (CEO Lee Seung-min) announced on the 16th that it was selected as a target company for 'Post-TIPS', a follow-up project to TIPS, a public-private partnership investment support program by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups.

 Through this selection, the company was recognized for its achievements in developing the 'electric suction toothbrush G100' equipped with a toothbrush suction function.

The company's toothbrush is a product optimized for the disabled, patients, and the elderly who have difficulty spitting out brushing water on their own.

More than 27 product-related patents have been registered in the US, Europe, Japan and China, including Korea.

 CEO Lee Seung-min said, "Thanks to the selection of the target company, we will grow as a total oral care solution brand." The company is a 2nd nurturing company of the IBK Industrial Bank of Korea startup fostering program 'IBK Changgong Guro'.