Abilities Expo, Presented annually across eight cities in North America, this event showcases the newest products, state-of-the-art technology, educational workshops, and tailored activities to cater to the requirements of individuals with special needs.


 - This month, the Abilities Expo was held at Houston NRG Center from August 4th to 6th


 We are happy to share our experience at the Houston Abilities Expo, where we had the showcasing our innovative electric toothbrushes designed to enhance the oral care routine for individuals with disabilities. This event was not just an opportunity to exhibit our products, but also an avenue to connect with an various community and contribute to their well-being.


 At the Expo, we were able to demonstrate how our thoughtfully designed brushes not only simplify the oral care routine but also prevents the water from flowing into the airway.

Meeting numerous families who have long sought a device like the Bluereo G100 was beyond inspiring. Conversations about the product's future with those who understand its importance best were truly invaluable.

We're immensely grateful for the warm reception we received at the Abilities Expo. The support from attendees, partners, and fellow exhibitors has invigorated us to refine and expand our product offerings. The energy families bring to the event is what fuels our drive. Their enthusiasm propels us forward

Our commitment lies in collaboration with the disability community. We hold their feedback close, as it's the guiding force in our journey. Together, we're dedicated to enhancing their quality of life and continually working towards meaningful improvements.