CareTEX, Asia's Leading Exhibition for Nursing Care Industry, is held in Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, etc. every year.

- This show consists of Int'l Nursing Care Products Expo, Nursing Home Industry Expo, and Nursing Home Solutions Expo.

- This year, CareTEX23 Tokyo was held at Tokyo Big Sight from March 22 to March 24.



 Bluereo has participated in CareTEX in a row since last year and received a lot of attention from facility officials related to the elderly and the disabled, assistive equipment distributors, and dental equipment companies.




 In particular, the actual brushing environment was demonstrated using a tooth model, toothpaste and G100, making it easy for all visitors to understand. Most visitors were able to experience it directly using the G100, so the suction function of the G100 was highly evaluated.