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The World First Electric Suction Toothbrush

bluereo G100 presents a simple yet effective oral care solution for the caregivers and care-recipient who are unable to practice oral hygiene by themselves; due to the sickness, disability, or injury.

As the world's first handy electric suction toothbrush, it can benefit the lives of many in various settings, such as home, institution, or hospital.

water suction

Water Suction

16.9 Fl Oz.(500ml) Per Minute

The water inside the mouth is drawn out through the suction holes located on the top of the Brush Head, through the Tube, to the Foldable Pouch.

sonic vibration

Sonic Vibration

14,000 Times Per Minute

Soft Sonic Vibration that spreads through recipient's mouth. Sonic vibrations of 14,000 times per minute protect recipient's sensitive gums, which also provides effective cleansing.

led light

LED Light

The LED light enhances the convenience of brushing by illuminating the inside of the recipients' mouth while brushing.

Single & Dual Mode


A single button can alternate between sonic vibration function and suction function or use them simultaneously.

Other Features

Antibacterial Brush For Sensitive Teeth

2 Sizes of Toothbrush

Four-color LED lights

Long Battery Life

Antibacterial Brush For Sensitive Teeth

Soft and antibacterial bristles help caregivers to provide hygienic oral care. Caregivers can replace the Brush Heads to take care of multiple recipients.

Two sizes are available, allowing it to be used according to the mouth size of recipient.

Four different LED lights that intuitively display toothbrush modes and statuses make oral care more convenient.

It can be used for up to 3 weeks on a 4-hour charge. The charging status can be easily identified by the LED color on the toothbrush head.

Brushing Possible
Anytime, Anywhere

Say goodbye to heavy and bulky suction machines during brushing time!

With the lightweight and portable G100 Electric Suction Toothbrush, you can conveniently clean your loved one's teeth.

No matter where you are, whether it's by the bedside or elsewhere.

Enhanced Oral Care,
Reduced Brushing Time

The Electric Suction Toothbrush G100 takes oral hygiene to the next level!

G100's sonic vibration function, operating at 14,000 times per minute, provides better cleaning power compared to regular sponge brush heads while being gentle on the care recipient's gums.

Plus, G100, which has sonic vibration and suction function, can simplify the brushing process, making it possible to reduce brushing time by 60%.


1Operate the sonic vibration function by pressing the Power Button once. Then thoroughly brush every corner of the mouth.

2When rinsing, please pour clean water into the recipient's mouth. It is convenient to use a water bottle that allows for water spraying.

* In the cases of dysphagia, the guardian’s attention is required so that the water does not flow into the airway.

3Press the Power Button once more to activate the suction function, then use it to remove and expel the mouthwash from inside the mouth.

 *Precautions : The suction holes are at the top of the Brush head, so flip it with bristles facing up when using.


Model Name

Bluereo G100

Device Size

43 x 38 x 268mm
(1.7 x 1.5 x 10.5inch)

Package Size

117 x 250 x 100mm
(4.6 x 9.8 x 3.9inch)


Device 200g (7Oz)

Suction Rate

500ml (16.9Fl Oz.)/min (±25%)

Sonic Vibration

14,000rpm (±20%)


Rechargeable Li-ion 1.6Ah


AC100-240V 50/60Hz 0.4A
(Output : DC5V 1A)

Warranty & Customer Service - bluereo US OFFICE

Experience peace of mind with our one-year warranty and exceptional customer service at your side.

📞 (440) 567-9675
✉️ service@bluereous.com

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