The Abilities Expo, featured annually in seven North American cities, is a powerhouse for showcasing the latest products, cutting-edge tech, informative workshops, and adaptive activities tailored for special needs.

The first Abilities Expo of the year took place in California at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The show was one of the largest for us, with almost 10,000 attendees over the weekend. Many families traveled across states and drove for hours to attend the expo and be a part of this empowering experience.

With its wide-ranging appeal, the Abilities Expo draws in a diverse crowd, spanning from families and professionals to social media influencers. The discussions we have at the booths with the visitors play a crucial part in further improving daily oral care for everyone. Whether visitors are sharing ideas or their challenges at the end of the weekend, the Bluereo team is fully committed to leveraging these insights to develop innovative solutions and enhance the oral care experience for all.

The Los Angeles Abilities Expo was really special for us as we got to demo our upcoming accessory, the Silicone Bottle cap. Last year, attending these shows, one feedback we heard over and over again was on alternative ways to manage the fluids discharged while brushing. The Silicone bottle cap allows users to connect the tube to PET bottles (common plastic drink bottles). The Silicone Bottle Cap was a hit at the Expo as it makes cleanup easier by having the discarded fluid collected into a disposable bottle. At the time of writing this blog post, the bottle cap is not available for purchase in the USA. Currently working to get them in stock and ready for purchase in the coming weeks.

Each exhibition has enriched our understanding and allowed us to share our passion for accessible dental care. A heartfelt thank you goes out to the Abilities Expo team for orchestrating these remarkable events across the United States. As we reflect on the positive experiences, we eagerly anticipate meeting more people and making lasting connections at future expos. If you have a chance to stop by at our next expo, please come by!